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REVIEW: The Online Dog Trainer from Doggy Dan

In this review we will take an independent look at one of the most popular online dog training programs, from Doggy Dan. In this review you’ll discover:

  • Who Doggy Dan is
  • What the course involves
  • How much it costs
  • Whether you can try it out before committing
  • How effective it is!

After reading this, you will have a clear idea of whether the course is right for you and your much-loved pet dog, and whether it is worth handing over your hard-earned dollars!


About Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan is a professional dog trainer based in New Zealand. Around three years ago, he set up


He decided to use the internet to teach people all around the world the secrets he uses when training dogs.

Dan has successfully trained hundreds of dogs in his native New Zealand, through his website he has now helped tens of thousands of dogs and owners around the world.

According to the man himself, Dan is a strong believer in using ethical techniques that help dogs enjoy their training and which build stronger bonds between dog and owner.

How does he achieve this?

Find out more in the next section…


What the course involves

In the first instance, Dan offers a FREE video course called ‘The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog’.

Dan rejects traditional ‘carrot and stick’ training approaches, where you either bribe your dog to do what you want with a treat or punish your dog if he or she doesn’t do what you want.

According to Dan, and in my experience too, this does not create an obedient dog or stop unwanted behaviours.

Instead, Dan focuses on making your dog want to listen to and obey you.


If a dog only obeys because it is getting a short-term reward, there is no guarantee it will obey you next time.

Even worse, if a dog only obeys out of fear, you are not building a strong relationship with your pet.


If a dog chooses to obey its owner, you have a long-term recipe for success.

This is the principle behind Dan’s free course.

After you have undertaken this introductory program, Dan offers in-depth training in a range of areas including:

  • Recall response
  • Stopping unwanted barking
  • House training
  • Stopping aggression



One of the great advantages of Doggy Dan is that his introductory course is free.

This is a fantastic way to find out if his methods are right for you and your dog and to test out this online dog training versus in person dog training.

If, after trying his free course, you want access to his full range of training, the site operates a monthly subscription model.


Dogs (and people!) learn at different paces. It might take one pup a month to master the techniques involved and a different pup four months. By charging a monthly fee, customers can only pay for what they use and not.


There is also an option to sign up for 6 months, for a discount. If you know your dog might learn slowly, or if you want the reassurance of having access whenever you want in case you want to go back and revise, this can be a great option for you.

If you want to learn at your own pace and get the 6 month package, this is $X. If you just want to try the courses on a monthly, no-commitment basis, it is $38/month.


Can you try it out before committing?

One of the big pluses to Doggy Dan’s site is the chance to try out his course for three days for just $1.

This way you can actually see what lessons there are and get a great feel for how you can use them to train your doggy, rather than just going off screenshots or descriptions like some other courses.


How effective is it?

Doggy Dan has some great testimonials from genuine customers who have seen real success from using his course.

The real strengths are the breadth of topics covered, from house training to stopping barking. If you work your way through the lessons, your dog will definitely learn good behaviours!

The course is also ethical and only uses techniques which are not just effective, but help your dog to enjoy its training.

That said:

Online training is not right for every owner and every dog. Some pets may need some specialist one-on-one support from a dog trainer in person.


If you want clear guidance delivered in easy-to-follow videos, for an affordable monthly subscription that allow you to cancel at any time, I can highly recommend Doggy Dan.

Doggy Dan Training

Comprehensive dog training course

3 days' access for $1! Usually $37/month

9 Total Score

A comprehensive training program which is effective, fun and humane. Recommended!

  • Access online, whenever you want
  • Great customer service
  • Covers all key areas
  • Free courses available!
  • Online only