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REVIEW:’s Dog Lovers Training Course

Today we are looking at another popular online dog training course, from the guys at In this review, we’ll give you a clear understanding of:

Read through to get a clear sense of the value of using, whether it is right for you and your best friend, and whether you should invest in the course!



The goals of has a stated goal of helping you, “turn your unruly and disobedient dog into a loving friendly companion”, whether that’s a new puppy or an older pet.

As they point out on their site, doing this has traditionally been expensive.


Previously, your only option was to go to a local expert and pay them for their time in-person, which is not cheap.


With improvements in the internet and personal computers, dog-owners can access professional support and guidance, often through video courses. offers exactly this: a professional yet affordable way to learn how to train your dog.



The course offers

TrainPetDog has an in-depth, specialist course which covers all the major areas of dog training, from house-training to biting – the Dog Lovers Training Course.

It is a unique system devised by the Dog Training Institute, using proprietary methods developed to create the most effective training possible.

The course covers everything you might expect, from house-training and stopping food aggression, to understanding what your dog is trying to tell you (through the ‘9 types of bark’). There is even information on creating a balanced diet for your pet.

Because the course covers such a broad range of areas (it has 162 training guides), you can choose to work your way through it step-by-step or you can choose specific topics which are most relevant and take them in your own time.


If you have a new puppy who needs to be taught all the basics, starting training from the beginning is a great option.


If you have a dog who has a specific issue or needs to work on one particular area, you can easily skip to the relevant part of the course and focus on that.

In terms of time, it is suggested you spend around 15-20 minutes a day on the course. As you can do it anywhere, from your home to the park, this is almost certainly less of a time commitment than regularly travelling to a local expert to do the training in person!



How much it costs

The core training product on offer from is their Dog Lovers Training Course.

This typically costs $97 but is currently available for $37. This includes all the 162 different training guides.

There are also various time-limited bonuses currently available on

For example:

If you sign up today, you get a completely free guide, “”How to Look After Your Dog’s Health”, which covers key areas such as major diseases to look out for, preventing fleas, and dealing with ticks. A nice extra!

You also get a month’s free access to’s exclusive Elite Dog Owner’s Club. This offers one-to-one access with professionals such as trainers and vets, to answer any questions you have. This is normally $37/month, so it’s another great saving.



Is there a free trial?

Unlike other online dog training courses, there is no free trial for the Dog Lovers Training course.


You can get access to a free mini-course to get an understanding of how can help you and your dog. Just sign up here.



Does it work?

Over 96,000 members have joined, which gives you some idea of the scale of people who have used their course.

Users who have reviewed the course refer to it as ‘Very fun” and “really informative”. One reviewer, Kathy, was struggling to house-train her puppy but, having used’s special course, was able to house break her pet in just a week.

If you are in doubt there is also a 120 day money-back guarantee, offering you a refund if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever for 120 days after you purchase. So you have piece of mind that, if things don’t work out for any reason, you’re covered!


8 Total Score

Possibly the most extensive training available online at a very low price!

  • Incredibly thorough
  • Supports ASPCA
  • Great value
  • Website design could be better

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